Our Approach

We are dedicated to bringing a unique perspective to basketball-related issues or topics. Home4Hoops covers all levels of basketball, from the playground to the professional arena. We also provide information and products that may help with your knowledge of basketball and hopefully increase your basketball ability.

Our Story

The site was started because I felt there was avoid or perspective that was not being addressed in the basketball community. There are several people offering their views on the game but they do not seem to have the love for the game. So the idea was born to make sure we talk about the game because we love the game. We love and appreciate all opinions, our goal is to offer our opinion but to also receive your opinion

Meet the Team

We are a team of people who just love the game of basketball and that is a pre-requisite to being a part of the Home4Hoops family.


Kevin Moore

Founder & CEO

As a young man, I fell in love with the game of basketball and played every chance I could.  I decided to put my passion to work.


Kevin Wright

Vice President

Welcome the Game


Sylvester Finch


The price of doing something you love

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